Phase 2 – IDF (current)

We are launching the next phase of our project at the beginning of September. We have secured funds from the University’s Impact Development Fund in order to enhance the project and maximise its sustainability. The main aim is to work with Chantry High School in Ipswich to develop 10 hours of teaching and learning materials suitable for Key Stage 3 Humanities. The aim is to create the material around the government PLTS objectives introduced last year, which promote personal development in independent research, communication and empathy skills.

The hope is that the end result will be a package that can be rolled out to other schools across the country. In order to remove our biggest hurdle we’re going to be migrating the model from Second Life to Open Sim. Open Sim is a much more secure platform as far as school use is concerned and will also allow us much greater freedom to duplicate the model to create multiple scenarios, create avatars with different costumes etc. The HUD and our bots will be coming with us (with a bit of tweaking) and we are particularly focused on developing the interactivity and sophistication of the bots.

We’re also going to be making a DVD fly-through of the model, which we’ll be able to distribute, put on this site as a taster. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to find various homes for the DVD to be on display and permanently available in the Crystal Palace area so we can return just one little corner of the Crystal Palace to its rightful home.


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