The Competition is now over and we’re very pleased to announce the winners.  The competition entries we had represent the work of almost 200 students.

The Winners of the Group Category are:
1st Prize (£100 Amazon vouchers): Redland High Year 7s’ Pompeii Collage.
2nd Prize (£50 Amazon vouchers): Woodside School’s Crystal Palace Model

The Winners of the Individual Category are:
1st Prize (£15 Amazon voucher): Pippa Beck’s Code Cracking Activity
2nd Prize (£10 Amazon voucher): Dylan Leyland’s Character Tasks

We also wanted to acknowledge that some of the best ideas for activities we have picked up this year were received verbally during formative evaluations. Two of these sessions were particularly fruitful and so

The Winners of the Group Ideas Category are:
1st Prize (£50 Amazon vouchers): Class 7TMY, Chantry High School
2nd Prize (£25 Amazon vouchers): Year 10 Classical Civilisations Class, Clifton High School.

Thank you so much to everybody who took part. We very much appreciate your time and effort and hope that you will enjoy our finished model!

Some snippets from the competition entries are on display here. More will be added shortly.

Woodside School's Crystal Palace

Woodside School's Crystal Palace

‘The other idea I had was you click on a person and give you a task. Maybe if you clicked on a chef he would ask you to make a dinner or a teacher might ask you to do some work, and a merchant might ask you to get some money or a candidate might ask you to become a candidate. There are loads of possibilities….’  (Dylan Leyland, Year 7)

‘When you walk around the virtual world and pick up notecards on the decoration of the house, the code should gradually be put on the cards and when you crack the code and type it in you should get some sort of reward.’ (Pippa Bech)

‘Pompeian Painting Style Game:…A painting will come up and underneath it the three painting styles, choose the one that matches with painting shown.’ (Noah)

Redland High's Latin Graffiti Wall

Redland High's Latin Graffiti Wall

‘My activity is about Roman mosaics. You would have a mosaic on the floor and you would be able to click on it and information would come up. You would then be able to create your own mosaic using tiles of different shapes. You could then add colours.’  (David Ariyanayagam)

‘There should also be Roman people who you could talk to to learn more about them and also about their parts and jobs in the Roman civilization.’  (Laura)

‘My idea was a virtual activity that includes learning a nd fun. It is made for the kitchen but your charcater must be a slave if you want to do it. The activity is making a meal for a big Pompeian feast and seeing what ingredients and food they would have had.’  (Olivia Francis)

Cl Detail from Redland High's Pompeii Collage

Cl Detail from Redland High's Pompeii Collage


3 Responses to “Competition”

  1. john chappell Says:

    I teach latin gcse and class.civ. gce in a mixed state comprehensive 1300+ and have the go-ahead for class.civ. gcse next year. Would be very interested in a visit to generate interest in the classics and the competition. Do you travel as far as fenland? Kings Lynn is for missionaries but you will be most welcome!

  2. Nic Says:

    Many thanks for your message expressing interest in the competition and a visit. We are very pleased to hear from you. Do you you have any specific questions about the competition that we can help you with?

    Also, I’m sure that traveling to Fenland would be entirely possible for us. My project partner Shelley has been in the US for three weeks and should be returning about now. If you can give me a day or so I will run speak to her about this and contact you again via email.

    Very best wishes

  3. Shelley Hales Says:

    Hi John,

    I do hope you got my email. We’d be very happy to venture to the Fens!

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