So here it is, the school year has ended and this is the last week of the REF Impact period. Nic and I are knackered but have had such a brilliant year and would like to thank everybody who has worked with us  – both in all the schools we have visited and at the Crystal Palace Museum. In the course of this year we have worked in 5 schools with almost 150 students, delivering classes in the virtual model, and have delivered a video flythrough of the model to the Museum. We have managed to accomplish everything we set out to do and we couldn’t have done that without everyone who has supported us particularly Ken, Barry, Jo, Mary, Rich, Andy, Hayley, Anne and Catherine.

It seems fitting that in this last week of activity the Sydenham Crystal Palace has been appearing in the national press – with the news that a Chinese property developer is exploring the idea of rebuilding it.

Or at least – rebuilding A Palace. It’s not quite clear to me whether it is the reporters or the development company themselves who are insisting that the intended new building will be an exact replica of the 1851 Hyde Park Palace. How ironic, that even if rebuilt, the Sydenham Palace will still be pushed out of history by its Great Exhibition antecedent…

Wishing everybody a great summer. We will be back in the autumn with, no doubt, more schemes for developing our project and investigating the utterly fantastic Crystal Palace.



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