This week has been a busy one, squeezing in 4hrs worth of teaching at Redland Green with a group of Year 8s. They did really well, picked up the technology easily, as ever, and grasped some of the bigger ideas. There is a big difference between Year 8s and 9s in their ability to grasp big concepts in such a short space of time but they did well. They also provided some excellent written feedback so we have a great, rich record of their reflections on their experience. To facilitate this kind of information gathering, we’d made a proper mini-handbook with guide questions to help students pick out and respond to key points. We’ll definitely use this in the future. Both Nic and I missed the dinner party challenge – and was interesting to note the impact it has on bringing groups of students together by noting the effect of its absence. Much less buy in to the avatars and less of a relationship built between each others’ characters. On the other hand, other things worked really well – particularly the time line – and the feedback shows how students had enjoyed working in this medium. I am always struck by how reflective the school students are of their learning experience and how they are able to articulate that.

Mid-week, too, I met up with all of the teachers we have worked with over the last calendar year. It was great to have a chance to talk again outside the classroom and to discuss ideas for collaboration next year, particularly with the idea of trying to connect different schools across Bristol.

Thanks to everyone at Redland Green for their input this week.


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