Not much to report this week other than we’re preparing for the trials at Redland Green next week. We’ll be working entirely on their campus, so Nic is busy working with their IT people to check their network and pcs are up to it. This is always the nerve-wracking bit, especially because if anything goes wrong when we’re on site, Nic can’t simply run back to the project workstation to reboot the robots etc. Seems to be working ok. Nic says there is a big delay on log in so we’ll just have to get in early so that the world has time to render on each computer and then stagger logging in all the avatars. They’re not appearing properly but are functioning. We’re learning to be more relaxed about their appearance though – we haven’t noticed any of our users have difficulty accepting the bots as characters even when they’re not appearing properly. I guess it says something about the imaginative leaps they are prepared to make in-world. Interesting when so many purveyors of VR spend so long angsting over every visual and environmental detail.


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