We did the second Fairfield trial today. Learning from the previous session, we tried to break down the activities into smaller chunks. This was the session we concentrated on the Victorian world and, with prompting from Hayley in reminding them of the things they had studied in the History curriculum, they were able to make some great connections about Roman and modern slavery and experiences of empire etc.

All in all , a good trial – the technology held up yet again (beginning to get a bit too smug about this!) and the model and activities delivered the point we wanted about the contingent nature of history. Hayley has left us some really useful advice about tweaking the activities to meet her students’ needs and I am utterly in awe of her teaching skills and what she was able to draw out of her enthusiastic and responsive class. This teaching lark is a bit more complicated than it looks isn’t it? Realise that despite having taught in universities for 15 years and being pretty good at it, I rely largely on personality and still know very little about how the teaching and learning process actually works.


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