Got through the snow this week to meet up with Rich at Redland Green School to sort out dates (set for May) for taking the trial there – basically agreed to follow the pattern we followed at SMRT, which will make it a useful comparator. At the end of the week, Mary Beard (country’s most well-known Classicist, Times blogger etc etc) was in Bris for our faculty’s Past Matters festival and I was put in charge of organising a sixth form event. So we got some local sixth formers in (thanks for coming everybody) to discuss the process of making historical documentaries (Mary recently made a number of docs about Pompeii and Rome). At one point, we discussed the worth of VR and digital reconstruction – or at least, lack of, as Mary was dismissing the need for, say, simulated volcanic eruptions during docs about Pompeii. Inevitably, I waded in on VR’s side, insisting there were more subtle and worthwhile uses than that. All useful for the REACT bid I guess….


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