So on Tuesday I spent the day in Exeter at the REACT Future Documentaries Event, a workshop to bring together academics and creative partners (mostly film makers, though I met a few people from other avenues, like the games industry). Nic couldn’t make it so I was on my own and I’m shockingly bad at networking but it ended up being pretty interesting. It was quite ruthlessly organised so not much opportunity for skulking at the back. Anyhow, because we already have our industry partner lined up, the main interest for us was finding out a bit more about the theme of Future Documentary and (of course) sussing out what kind of other projects might be about.

As far as I could tell, the interest in the room was almost entirely about film documentary with probably the majority of ideas being about how to use web 2 type tools to supplement viewer experience and participation. From this point of view, I think our project is going to look quite ambitious and different in terms of technology and concept. Where I realise we are hopelessly naive (consequences of working in our ivory tower)  is in the reality of documentary making for the film makers there in terms of scoping and reaching an audience. All our thinking has been about the technology, applicability, intellectual interest and creative possibilities. I suspect we might have to wise up a bit in this new world of impact.


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