So we have a few weeks between school trials and Nic is still editing the little film for the Crystal Palace Museum (which is going to mean that at some point Nic and I are going to have to commandeer a computer lab and zip between PCs on swivel chairs so that we can control a number of our cast of ‘bots, who promptly miss their cues and bump into the set (well, if they’re the ones being controlled by me) as soon as it’s their big moment!

But just to introduce another spinning plate, Nic also attended an information session for our local AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) REACT hub funding stream.  REACT is a scheme to bring academic and commercial partners together to find innovative ways of using technology in the Arts. The current funding stream is designed around the theme of ‘Future Documentary’

Our plan is to put together a bid with Daden to increase the functionality of the ‘bots and explore the possibility of using the virtual environment and sophisticated characters who can move, apparently freely and recognise cues to trigger certain responses or behaviours towards other ‘bots and also ‘live’ avatars, the idea being that, for the user controlling one of those ‘live’ avatars, this could provide a completely interactive form of  documentary, with no predetermined paths. Could be exciting. On Tuesday I am attending a ‘sandbox’ event in Exeter to meet other projects interested in bidding. I’ll report back in my next post.


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