In the last week, we have been working on the show reel for the museum. It’s looking good – it’s just a basic fly through interspersed with some of our source images (photos, stereographs etc) and quotes from contemporary reviews and guidebooks which act as guides to the graphics. Basically, in sum, the show reel will reflect the kind of techniques we use in the model itself.  As ever, there are complications – the format of DVDs kills the fine detail of our footage so we may revert to running the show reel from a computer but that causes issues about ease of use in situ (unless we place our trust in programming the PC to turn itself on and run the appropriate programme).  We’re hoping that we’ll be ready to install mid-January because, of course, we now have to stop for Christmas.

Wishing everybody a very happy Christmas and we hope you’ll return to this blog in the New Year.


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