We had a busy week this week. On Monday we went down to St Mary Redcliffe to go over plans for the trial there. It’s great working with Jo and Mary, as they have loads of great ideas about how to get the best from off-curriculum enrichment activities. Upshot is that we’re going to do 3 sessions with some gifted and talented Year 9s, showing them the model, getting them to think about what is at stake in our and Nineteenth century’s interpretations of the ancient world with a view to presenting their own tour of the model, as Pompeian house, to Year 7s. This is perfect for us as we get to observe the model being used in so many different ways. Jo and Mary used this kind of tactic  of getting Year 9s to explore a topic in order to pass it on to Year 7s in a project at Arnos Vale Cemetery last year so it has proven track record. All looks good – starting date of January 11, so coming up sharpish.

On Wednesday we went off to Crystal Palace to talk to Ken Kiss at the museum and we measured up for our installation. The museum has some brilliant photos of all aspects of the Palace, from the Fine Arts Courts to the Fireworks (nice one of a firework enactment of the Destruction of Pompeii) and from the building process (another great one of the Pompeian Court filled with trestles for the painters to work on) to the fire. Spent a brilliant time chatting with Ken, who si so generous with his time and knowledge – his own interest is engineering and hence had some great stuff to tell us about the fair rides and heating systems.

All in all, a great week in beginning to realise the goal of putting the model to good use, all of which couldn’t be possible without the interest and generosity of our partners. Thanks everybody!


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