Next week, Monday morning in fact, is the first of our trials for this year and, although it’s just a one-off feedback gathering session, it’s a mammoth one – 80 students from Red Maids’  in Bristol involved.

We have sessions planned which involve the logistics of giving everyone a chance to experience the online environment when, as we’ve documented so many times before and as all Open Sim users know, Open Sim is so flaky that it falls over if all our ‘bots and guest log ins are  online at the same time. But, knowing this from bitter experience, Nic visited the school (and thank you so much to staff there who gave up time to help set this all up and have been brilliant) and our IT team have done a great job of stabilising Open Sim as much as possible at our end by dedicating more server power to us.

So everything should have been great except we now have a problem whereby an Open Sim upgrade seems to be incompatible with loads of our structures. First it was the ‘bots, who only appear to real users if they are logged in before the user (if not, the user simply can’t see them), who have stopped loading reliably and intermittently seem to lose some of their mobility (not that our Open Sim ‘bots have loads anyhow – they just basically move to face whoever addresses them). We’ll just to have our fingers crossed that they are feeling compliant on Monday morning.


Worse though, seeing as we have been doing a lot of filming recently, we don’t seem to have any lip synch functionality. We were trying to record a message for the students from Gaius Sallustius,our Pompeian paterfamilias (head of household) and he looks fantastic- facing the camera with a steely glint – until the moment Nic starts talking on his behalf and he just keeps fidgeting and twitching with his mouth sealed shut. In the end we’ve had to just record audio over a still of him. Nic’s now spending a lot of time online trying to find a way round this problem but if anybody has any ideas for a fix, we’d be very grateful indeed to hear from you.


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