I had a phonecall from Ken Kiss today who runs the Crystal Palace Museum ( on the edge of the Palace Park. He has kindly agreed to let us install a showreel featuring our model in the museum. because the technology is just too complicated, visitors won’t be able to tour the model with their own avatar as they can online. Instead we’ll be producing a DVD featuring flythroughs, cameo performances from our ‘bot avatars etc. which will play on a loop. It will be great to feel that the Pompeian Court is almost back home – its ‘real’ physical location was just behind what is now the bus station, not so very far from the location of the museum (in a building that was once a classroom for the Palace’s engineering school).

More importantly, Ken has been supportive of our project from the start and we’re going to meet up with him in a few weeks to draw on his knowledge of the Palace superstructure and the archive material in the collection. Although, of course, we did use the standard Palace scales in mapping out our model it is currently conceived as an independent entity and it will be fascinating to see how Nic’s architectural model fits in with the realities of the larger architectural environment.


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