This week, I taught my 3rd year undergraduates in the model and decided to use Second Life rather than Open Sim. We came over all nostalgic when we went in to prepare the class before the students arrived. Our island looks great and represents all our early efforts. Unfortunately, the lease on our island is about to expire and, particularly given Linden Labs’ withdrawal of the educational rate, we just can’t afford to keep it. So it looks like our SL model will be another casualty in the evr-growing list of unsustainable virtual world projects… unless we can turn imminent obsolescence into a virtue. Typically, never ones to give up without a fight we have a plan to turn the situation into a celebration – we are aiming to burn down our model on the anniversary of the Crystal Palace fire which destroyed the ‘real’ Pompeian Court in 1936. For the last few weeks of our island’s existence, visitors will see the smouldering ruins of what had been our model. ‘Better to burn out than to fade away’…!


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