Session 4 – at least it should be session 4 but given last week’s problems we’ve resolved to run session 3 again, so we have all the Pompeian bots ready in the house. As usual we’re both in our offices connected by skype. And — it worked! Students came in and we could see them interviewing the robot characters (also barging them about a bit but they seemed to withstand it) and they also chatted with Lucien and Gwendoline through the text channel. One student avatar was clearly getting into character (all the student avatars have been dressed in full Victorian get-up since session 2) and texted in cod-Victorian. Very impressed! Towards the end of the session the network did start slowing down – when this happens it can be hard to control your avatar – they move all jerkily and don’t repsond. Gwendoline does this on my pathetic work PC – as a result she tends to lurch about bumping into things like she’s been at the gin before class – still, I guess there were a fair number of drunks staggering around the Crystal Palace so it’s all authentic flavour! Anyhow, this class felt good – we could see our ideas in action.


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