Time for session 2 and this time both Nic and I are in Bristol in our own offices listening into the classroom via skype and with Gwendoline and Lucien logged into Open Sim. This session is where we bring our robot avatars into play and we just had time to get them all dressed and in position before class started. The session is supposed to get students to consider the exhibition and education techniques used in the Crystal Palace and what visitors may have thought about it as well as to reflect on how history might mean different things to different audiences. Activities included an in-class discussion about student’s previous visits to museums, exploration of the virtual Pompeii Court with the aid of a hard copy of an original guidebook and talking to Victorian bots characters to find out their reactions to the Palace.

It was a frustrating experience. The lesson start was delayed because a different location was used this time at which laptops took longer to set up than expected. We couldn’t really hear what was happening in the classroom – we could just see that the avatars weren’t appearing in world. Luckily we had given Tommy information to work with on paper so that he could start general discussions in class. Eventually a few laptops were set up but again it proved impossible to log in all 15 pairs/avatars simultaneously, so only a few could go in at a time. 

Nic is going to talk to Reaction Grid about how to deal with overload. Is it just the school network or is Open Sim unable to handle so many avatars at once (remember all our robot avatars are logged in as well as us before the students even try to get in).


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