2 weeks to go until the classes start. This week we’ve concentrated on getting the island finished. Nic has finished the model and done some basic landscaping and laid some paths – we’ve decided to mimic in simple terms the lay out of our SL island with 2 ponds. Nic has also used landscaping to create a distinct training area, where he can do inductions and where we will display the posters the students will be making for their first homework. We also have a presentation area with a board for ppts and a path leads from that which acts as our timeline – it is straddled with billboards that take you successively back in time – for the first sessions it will lead the students from today to 1854 (using key events that they have already covered in their curriculum) and for the later sessions from 1854 to 79AD. The timeline leads to the model.

We’ve both been dashing around Open Sim trying to steal or borrow anything that we can to make the place look more loived in – we eventually found between us enough plants to evoke the park and we also found a flyable hot aiur balloon – perfect because the Crystal Palace park was famous for its balloons. I’ve also finished all the information and ppts we need for the permanent site and for the initial lessons. The overall effect is pretty good. I didn’t think we’d make it but it looks ready.


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