At the end of last week, we took part in the University’s DISCOVER event down at the Mall shopping centre in Bristol. For three days, the centre is filled with hands-on exhibits demonstrating different projects going on at the university.

(Photo: University of Bristol Centre for Public Engagement)

The event is a chance for us to show people and school children in Bristol what we do. It was quite an eclectic mix, but fittingly we were back to back with the volcano exhibit (it featured a volcano model worked by a treadle that erupted sporadically – until it broke down and had to be operated with a car battery charger!) We had two laptops so that people could communicate with each other’s avatars – it was great fun and we’d like to thank everybody who came to see what we were up to. I’d like to thank as well the people who helped us out, especially Neeraj, who did a great job. Oh, and Jess, one of the students who took part in our Pompeii seminar a few weeks ago, who did a fantastic ad hoc ‘time travel’ spiel which kept many school children entertained.


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