Following last week’s classroom use of the model, this week we used it in a different learning environment, a 3hr seminar session for postgrads in the Graduate School of Education. We spent some time introducing our project before letting the postgrads loose in the model (at which point we had some awkward moments when the state of dress/undress in which my third years had left the preconfigured avatars became apparent!). We asked them to work together to try out our learning activities, It was a great plan because we got to see how the activities work (one turns out to be far easier to complete than the other) as well as to gather feedback whilst the students got to see some of the capabilities of the online environment. Afterwards, Nic took them all on a ‘Second Life Safari’ to visit other educational projects and we discussed pros and cons of teaching and learning in this context. It was another very useful session – so good to be working with people in the model rather than just talking about it in the classroom.


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