Last week the metadata, this week the draft final report. We’re more or less ready to submit this to JISC by the end of the bank holiday. The value of keeping this blog has come to be appreciated by both of us as we draw together everything we’ve achieved this year – it’s hard to believe we’ve accomplished so much, especially when we feel so time pressured to get everything ready for the end of the month. Inevitably, the court and island won’t be quite as finished and polished by the end of the month but it’s not far off and the ideas we’ve explored over the year are full of potential for further development.

The great thing about JISC is that they do ‘allow’ some failure. By which I don’t mean that it’s OK to make a complete hash of things, but that the template of the final report does allow reflection on lessons learned and unforeseen obstacles rather than just a self-congratulatory flag wave. This makes the compilation of the final report a much more useful experience, both for us and for its readers.


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