My main job this week was scripting the dialogue for the tourist ‘bots. As reported in last week’s blog, these two bots (Isaac and Alva) will walk around the atrium, stopping off at key points to view paintings and rooms. They will also mimic known reactions to the site: Isaac gestures shock at the naked Venus and he also (provided Ale can programme him) will stumble up a step. Alva will pause to read her guidebook.

I’m really pleased with the dialogue – all of it is genuine: either extracts from the guidebooks or else comments from reviews (Alva, for instance, mostly speaks the words of Lady Eastlake, who reviewed the courts for the Quarterly Review March 1855. Isaac speaks the rather critical and (often hysterical) response of The Crystal Palace: An Essay, Descriptive & Critical and also quotes the Routledge Guide: Ten Courts of the Crystal Palace.


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