Good news. With lots of help from KVL, Nic has finished the HUD. The HUD is the device that delivers information to the visitor. It looks like an unobtrusive opaque tool box oin the corner of the screen with a few straightforward icons. The HUD knows where it is in the house so that when a visitor clicks on an object or the spinning disc in each room it will deliver relevant information. The information is personal, in that only that one visitor will see or hear the material, so other people won’t be disturbed. Information is delivered in two ways: audio or text and at three levels: one for general visitors or younger children, one for older students (with a particular eye to the GCSE Class. Civ. syllabus) and one for researchers. The HUD also delivers the relevant text from the official 1854 guidebook. The particularly useful thing about the HUD is that the visitor can skip between levels or ignore information at will. It’s pretty easy – even Gwendoline and I have managed to work it.


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