Well, it looks like the architectural modelling is at last done – after grappling with the roof for some weeks. This was much more difficult than we’d anticipated. Although the focus of the model is the interior oif the Court, the roof has to work because, in Second Life, the avatars’ flying function means that many people’s first impressions of our house will be from the air.  As well as the technical and mathematical difficulties Nic had in fixing the roof firmly on the walls, we had the added difficulty that there aren’t any very clear images of the roof. Whilst it’s easy to guess the atrium part, which mimics Pompeian roofs quite closely, the central part defies the logic of ancient building entirely, making it harder to second guess what was going on.

Now that this is finished we can really speed on with adding the paintings, the real focus of the archive. Great news as we move into an evaluation phase with community groups and schools in the course of June.


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