This was the last archiving week in London for me but that is pretty dull stuff compared with the best achivement this week: the house appearing in Second Life for the first time. This means that we can now start decorating.

At the same time we discovered (and not in SL – I saw this on Tulse Hill Terry’s post in the Sydenham Town Forum) that we have a great way in to introducing the house to Second Life: there is already a whole Crystal Palace of a kind in SL. It’s been built in the spirit of the 1851 Hyde Park Exhibition as a place in which to gather displays of all the merchandise available in SL. You can read the plans for opening here:

This is a great idea in that it shows precisely the ways in which the Crystal Palace concept can be redelivered in virtual space in different ways. Personally, from an academic rather than commercial point of view, I think the CP Sydenham format that we’re following has great potential for bringing diverse disciplines under one roof (metaphorically and literally). As for the commercial side of things, I’m off to explore further this Hyde Park CP idea. The blog talks with enthusiasm about raking in revenue from the exhibitors – which was the BIG mistake the Crystal Palace Company made. Is a suspicious SL fire on the cards!


One Response to “Shelley”

  1. Mako Magellan Says:

    Dear Shelley and Nic,

    I was delighted to see our Second Life Great Exhibition project from last year mentioned both here and in the Sydenham Town Forum, which you cite. In the end we (Miss Elspeth Woolley and I) decided not to bother even trying to make money out of the exhibition, as it looked like it would be very hard work.

    If anyone is interested, an improved version of the building can still be found in Second Life at

    The story of this building can be found at

    I have met with Nic (alias Mr Lucien Kranfel) in SL and I’ve agreed to lend one corner of my crystal palace build to provide a backdrop to his Pompeian pavilion. I am fascinated to see how things develop, and will be keeping a close eye on your project. I wish you both the very best with it.

    Regards, Mako Magellan

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