Yesterday we met with Alastair Cameron of the Joseph Paxton Society. It was great sharing ideas with him and hearing about his own hopes for a Museum of the Microcosm on the site. We’re hoping to be part of events happening in the Park in May and June – excellent opportunities to show people what we’ve been up to and, however temporarily, to put the Pompeii Court back in place (shoved up against the bus station unfortunately!). Thanks so much, Alastair, for meeting us.

Our new plan for dealing with the mythological panels seems to be the most popular with all the team, marrying practicality and authenticity: we’re now basing our images on line drawings made in the 19thC (the chief way of disseminating knowledge of the motifs on Pompeian walls) and colouring them in on the basis of information from the guidebook and from photoes of the original frescoes, where they still exist.


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