Diminishing returns at the archives in terms of finding new photoes of the Pompeian Court – I was at the Minet Library this week. But good to know that we must have tracked down most of the images now. I still only know of one picture that isn’t of the atrium area though. If anybody knows of any different ones, let me know.

One more week at the NAL tracking down bits and bobs in the various Crystal Palace journals and papers and then I’ll be focussing mainly on tracking down the paintings themselves. As the build progresses, we need to make sure we’re ready with the information. We’re still experimenting with ways of reproducing the pictures. I’m also thinking more about the way the text archive will be displayed – I like the idea of keeping the Victorian theme going with a scrap book setting for the review extracts.

I also had a great meeting with Ellie McGrath who works for the National Trust. Ellie is kindly advising us under the Heritage/Community aspect of our usergrops and she offered a very useful insight into how the heritage sector organises and plans its interpretative/learning activities. Most immediately, we need to decide what our key message is – the idea that we want everybody to take away from our Model, regardless of how much time or energy they spend there.


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