After Sweden, this week has been about consolidating progress. Snow meant no travelling to archives this week so I worked on digitising some of our textual material and designing publicity for the schools’ competition we will soon be launching to raise awareness of and promote engagement with our project. We’ve been going easy on dissemination and publicity while the model is in such early stages but it’s vital, if the project is to be successful that as many people as possible are visiting this website, leaving comments and using the resources.

Modelling temporarily slowed down this month: as the prospect of Open Sim as a long term home for the model becomes more likely, Nic has backtracked a little to make sure that everything he is working on now is fully migratable from Second Life to Open Sim. Open Sim is attractive because, as the name suggests, it is open source and specifically designed for education.

We also started talking about how best digitally to recreate the myth paintings, the core of the collection, of the court. Originally we were thinking of using photographs but this doesn’t seem very true to the process of tracing used by Abbate, who did the paintings for the Pompeian Court. We had an excellent meeting discussing contemporary, computer parallels.


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