This week I have continued to investigate the work and experiences of others in the area of using virtual worlds within education in order to learn form them and help contextualise our own project. In particular I have being looking at the doctoral research of Mark Childs and Michele Ryan. A telephone conversation with Mark revealed possible opportunities to collaborate later in the project which we will revisit in a few montsh time. Projects I have been looking at include: Learning from Online Worlds: Teaching in SecondLife, Schome and Theatron 3.

I have also ordered the last of the software required to develop the virtual model and booked onto the Virtual Words conference at the end of the month. The event appears to be an excellent opportunity to network with others working in the area and learn more about things such relevant legal and ethical issues. I also hope to learn more about OpenSim, an open source version of Second Life which we could host here at Bristol. This is because it ‘may’ provide us with a solution to the problem that Shelley reported in her last blog for providing a single virtual model that both kids adults can use – although not at the same time unless the adults have CRB clearance.


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