I now have my project avatar set up in Second Life. She is called Gwendoline Beningborough which seemed appropriately Victorian-sounding. One of the issues surrounding using Second Life in an educational capacity is that it’s not possible to use our own names. On the other hand, for the immediate purposes of our project, the assumption of other identities and role play type situations fits the exploration of the ways in which the past and ‘reconstructions’ of that past allow people to step outside their own lives.

Sadly, I can’t spend all my time with Gwendoline in SL as I am now mostly engaged in writing the Full Project Plan for JISC. It has to be incredibly detailed but at least it helps us clarify for ourselves each stage of the project.

This week we have also been invited to speak at the ‘Innovative Uses of Teaching and Learning Space in History, Classics & Archaeology’ workshop at Warwick University on Dec 5th. A major¬†condition of our project funding is dissemination of ideas and good practice so this is a great opportunity to share our ideas.


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