Today I set up the dedicated project workstation. 3ds Max is now installed as well as the relevant plug-in to enable models to be exported to Second Life. I have tested the set up using a few of the procedures taught to me by KVL and I am very impressed with the workstation’s performance. I have also spent time in Second Life locating, setting up and practicing using additional ‘in world’ tools that will help me to develop the virtual model, e.g. Prim Finder. I have also explored several SLURLs given to me by KVL, for example, Victorian World where we can acquire avatars dressed in Victorian clothing. This will be important later in the project when we give user groups pre configured accounts to use.

Note – there is a possibility that we can try a trail run of giving people pre-configured accounts in December 2008 as I have been tentatively asked to do a session on Second Life for Education on Bristol’s Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals programme.

I have also spent time setting up this blog but still need to transfer messages across from the old one which we have moved away from on account of it not meeting the project’s needs.


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