Tomorrow the project officially starts. Today, in preparation, I have made a list of all the people we need to contact during October in order to start finding focus groups. During the last month, we have been building on Nic’s experiences with the people at KVL to see ways in which we might want to refine the project and the timetable. To that end, today I’ve made a revised and more detailed timetable to see us through. I’ve also summoned up the courage to look at the JISC website to see what I need to do for the formal project plan which is due by the end of the month and have begun to fill in the barest details on all the relevant documents. Resubmitting the budget and work plan is useful though as it’ll allow us to clarify exactly what we’re up to and to log the slight adjustments we’ve already made in this prelimnary planning month. I finished the day by looking at some of the eductaional projects that have already run in Second Life – our project is slightly different as it’s more about resurrecting an exhibition experience than teaching per se but the lessons learned about issues of competency in SL, authority and student expectations/experience etc (see, for example, the ‘Learning From Social Worlds’ project funded by Eduserv at KCL are all very useful in deciding how to maximise the teaching and learning potential of the Crystal Palace collections. The Schome project website is very useful from the point of view of the responsibilities of working with children in SL ( The difficulty of catering for schools and adult communities is a central issue of our project.


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