Shelley’s first post


While Nic has been with KVL, I have been in touch with the Classics Subject Centre to see ways in which we might be able to disseminate the project beyond the ways we highlighted in our bid. Possible leads are: a workshop on in December, a possible subject centre publication, the Ubiquitous Learning Conference in the US next autumn. I can no longer attend the Classical Association conference, my subject’s main annual conference in April as I have been invited to the Roman Archaeology Conference in the States. However, I think we can see this as two opportunities: a chance for overseas dissemination and meanwhile Eleanor at the Subject Centre says we can have poster space with her exhibits at the CA.

My next immediate concern is for us to work out the easiest way of setting up online a tool with which we can easily communictae with our stakeholders, particularly one that will allow people to upload their own images and other data that we might use in the model. Seeing as so much material is in the hands of private collectors, this might be a good way of maximising the evidence we can gather on which to base the model.

Monday: see Kerry to sort out finances, raid library for all the diagrams and info in the guide books and in the Illustrated London News.


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