Nic: KVL Training


In anticipation of the official project start next month, I have just completed two extremely worthwhile days training (2 and 3 September) with Kings Visualisation Lab (KVL) at their satellite office in Leamington Spa. My time there began with a general discussion about our project proposal and the modelling methods we plan to use. Hugh, Drew and Martin provided a lot of helpful advice, in particular they emphasised the importance of carefully documenting and making accessible paradata when producing a ‘visualisation’ that strives to have academic integrity. They also encouraged our thinking regarding plans to use multiple approaches to making parts of the collection and associated information accessible e.g. links to text and images files and stand alone Turning Tool files to allow single user interaction with individual 3D objects. We also discussed the London Charter as a set of guiding principles and found that we had already taken much of it into account, thanks to an early meeting with Hugh in London earlier in the calendar year.

The rest of the time there focused on appropriate modelling techniques in 3ds Max, importing models into Second Life, advanced modelling techniques using maps and basic scripting. We managed to cover an incredible amount in a short time I now feel completely confident that I can take on the technical aspects of our project.


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